Data Recovery Service

We Can Get get your DATA back



Losing data from your desktop computer, USB, internal hard drive, tablet, or mobile device is the modern person’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think.  When your data goes walkabout, you’re faced with two questions: Can it be recovered and What will data recovery services cost?

Don't panic wefixit can help you to get data back at an affordable cost.

Game Designer

LEVEL 1 - Logical/Software

Price from $250-499

  • Corrupted partition

  • Deleted or re-formatted files

  • File system corruption

Electronic Circuit

Level 2 - Hardware Issues

Price from $520-690

  • Bad sectors/Read errors

  • Hardware Failure

  • NVRAM error, Firmware issue 

  • Not Detected

Computer Chip

Level 3 - Hardware

Price from $850-1100

  • Not spinning

  • Damaged heads (clicking)

  • Clicking Sounds

  • Damage PCB



Get Informed

Question 1

Can you recover my data?

IMPORTANT!  :Tips to prevent further data loss: Stop using hard disk drive if there are clicking or grinding noises

Yes, in most cases, we can. Your best chance of getting your important files back is with wefixit data recovery service. We know what to do, how to do it and will always do it using the latest technology in a safe and professional way. We will try much harder, spend more time, and put in more effort than anybody else to ensure the best possible result.

Question 2

How long does data recovery take?
In the level 1&2 case,  We normally can get it done within 10 working days. For level 3 it will take up to 6-7weeks as the need to order parts.

Question 3

Can I send my hard drive by post?

Yes. However, we do recommend that you use sufficient padding at least twice the size of the drive and registering your parcel.